Our Awesome Clients



We are a small nuclear family with our two little children. We wanted to build a garden in our home for relaxation and also we wanted to instil good values in our children through nature. Gardens by Preeti Narula Gill crafted a beautiful green patch for us using mostly oranges and Champa Piksies. This place emits positivity and helps us attain bliss and a sense of self discovery. Also our children are spending more time here in the midst of nature and learning to value the simple joys of life


We are a big fat Indian family and by ‘big’ I mean 30 members! We have our family get together very often, almost every week. So when we moved to our new house which is about 100 km from Gurgaon, we prioritized having a garden space where we can enjoy our gatherings comfortably. Gardens by Preeti Narula Gill came to our rescue and created a beautiful minimalistic garden with different textured plants giving an expansive space for ease of movement at the same time. We have our picnics here, we party and even celebrate all the festivities together amidst the rich greenery.

Ms Jyoti Kapoor

I’m a blood cancer survivor. The treatment left me exhausted. So my doctor advised me to try and be in a relaxing environment and then fortunately I came to know about Gardens by Preeti Narula Gill. They built a beautiful patio garden for me in my Delhi Farmhouse and added gorgeous plants like Dog Flowers, Freesia, Dracaena, seasonal Pansies and many other. Being close to nature has taught me to love myself again. When I sit and spend time there, it makes me feel at home in my beautiful body. Also, I get to cherish every season and witness the abundance. Currently I am on my way to becoming physically, mentally and spiritually healthy again, all thanks to my lovely garden!

Aditi Mishra

I am a single working woman and I have an extremely busy schedule. But I always felt like something was amiss. When I couldn’t handle all of it anymore, I decided to go the nature’s way. I contacted Gardens by Preeti Narula Gill and they wonderfully turned my balcony into a place for relaxation. They metamorphosed it into a calming and soothing green space where everyday I can unwind after a really hectic day. The place uplifts me both spiritually and emotionally and also now I have a place to decompress at the comfort of my own home and I feel pretty amazing.

Dipti Chandra

We were thinking of renovating the garden at our temporary residence in Gurgaon. As we both are doctors, we have a busy lifestyle and also we have a highly active social life. We wanted to host and entertain our friends over weekends in the garden space. So we turned to Gardens by Preeti Narula Gill and that was a wise decision. They redefined our parties by creating a lovely Greek style garden with a mobile bar where we can not only cherish the greenery but also enjoy cocktail nights, late night card games and that too in the lap of nature!